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As a business owner who seeks a competitive advantage online, your task involves being on a constant lookout for the best ways to market and promote your business.

In the offline world, there are traditional avenues of marketing like phone books, newspapers, radio and television.

Each of these has their place, but the problem is that these media are not very targeted.

Yes, you can get demographic information that helps your targeting a little more. Unfortunately, these forms of advertising largely depend on their numbers.

Which means you need to buy a lot of media to get the exposure you need to convert new customers.

Word of mouth advertising has its place when you have a large base of satisfied customers, who are willing to recommend your business.

One of the best returns on your advertising is to get the closest match on targeted advertising possible for the least amount of money.

Right now, the most targeted available currently is by using search engine optimization for your website.

The content of your website is what you publish on your website.

That includes articles, reviews, videos, graphics and more.

Search engines like Google send out automated software programs, called robots or “spiders,” to actually read the content on your site and file it away for later.

Then, whenever someone searches for a term, those search engines will go through what they have read and decide which site best fits for what the searcher needs.

Your website’s initial content helps a search engine spider figure out a theme of your site or web page.

So, if the spider determines a certain page on your site mainly deals with car headlamps, it will file that information in the search engine’s database.

The trick is that you have to tell the search engine that what your content is about in a way that the “spiders” can read it. That’s part of what search engine optimization and digital marketing services help you go.

Keep that in mind.

Back to the car headlamps example, whenever someone searches for car headlamps, the search engine will figure out which site is most relevant to that term to place as number one.

There are more factors that go into it when determining which site to rank first, but the content is the cornerstone.

No content = no rankings.

Poor content = low rankings.

Good content = mediocre rankings.

Good, optimized content = higher rankings.

The more relevant content you have on your website, the better your website will rank.

It is best to build individual pages around each keyword (search term) that you have determined fits the theme of your site.

And, you must put your keywords strategically within the actual content itself.

Your content needs to be readable by human beings so that they get value from visiting your website.

After all, your visitors are clicking a search result so that they can solve a problem or experience a gain. If your content is “rigged” with poor content, your site can be penalized.

A search engine can penalize you by lowering your ranking or not even considering your site in the results at all.

A good rule of thumb is to use a one to two percent keyword density.

So, if your content is 500 words, you can safely use the phrase about five times.

By using the term that much you will help the search engine understand the content is related to that word without trying to spam the search engine.

Search engine optimization takes time, patience, and the right kind of work.

If you hire someone to do provide search engine optimization and digital marketing services, make sure they know what they are doing.

Targeted traffic from search engines can be very valuable.

When you set up and optimize your website correctly, you can have the search engines marketing your business for you all hours of the day with little subsequent work on your part.

You will have traffic that comes to you looking for answers or solutions to immediate problems. That means the chance to convert more visitors into buyers and create more income for your business.