The Evolution Of Computers Over The Years

The race to have the slimmest and fastest computer continues to rush forward as the years go by. Many large brands are in this race and want to get the biggest piece of the pie. These include the likes of Apple, Dell, and others who know this is a major market that can be cornered with good machines that have updated software and high-grade hardware.

Well, before looking at them, it’s important to analyze the evolution of computers over the years as they weren’t always like this.

Initial History

Let’s begin with the computer and its original history because that’s a must for those who are hoping to learn more about the subject.

The computer was invented in 1946, but it was a massive machine which occupied over 1800 square feet and required significant care to run simple functions.

However, it wasn’t until 1950 that the computer was sold on the market for use. It came at a price of $600 and was a general digital computer with minimal features. It was created by a company named Simon.

Over the years, a lot of progress was made, and in 1976, the first Apple computer was sold for $666.66.

Desktop Computers

Over time, most of the work was done towards creating high-grade desktop computers which could be purchased and put into one’s home as required. Looking into this was essential.

IBM 5100 was the first desktop computer sold on the market, and it pushed IBM at the forefront of all related technology for years.

It was released in 1975 and become a staple for the rest of the movement as everyone has seen with the years moving forward.

Of course, it took time for people to get these computers and realize their worth and it started to spiral forward in the 90s.


These are the devices most people are now carrying around with them in this day and age. Laptops were released in the 90s and started to make headway into the market as the new millennium rolled around. Most people were getting them in their hands and felt they were valuable.

It was these details, which mattered a lot to those who wanted things to be portable.

The laptop has now come a long way with Apple and Dell at the top with their devices. Dell is the leading Windows seller, and Apple has its operating system.

This is the evolution of the computer as seen over the years and it continues to push forward. Some companies are looking to take the next step and ensure they are getting full value with what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

It’s essential to know about the history of computers because it helps paint a picture of how things are going to progress. With more memory being put into smaller chips, the amount of space one has on offer cannot be matched from what has come before. The same will apply down the road as things continue to progress.

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